Our Services

Whether you are an aging adult ready to transition to the next phase of care or a loved one calling on behalf of a family member, Aging Options and Advocacy is here to help. We will provide a free phone consultation to determine next steps.

Below is a list of our most sought-after services. Don’t see what you are looking for here? Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss your specific needs. Chances are, we can help!

Assess Home Setting

Evaluate current living area for safety concerns and determine personal care needs. Based on the assessment, Aging Options and Advocacy will recommend appropriate services as needed and in the best interest of the client.

Develop a Customized Plan for Care

After evaluation of the home, personal needs or facility needs of our clients, we will provide a customized plan for care.

Care Companion Agency Referrals

Contact and interview service agencies including but not limited to home care agencies, rehab services, physicians, and pharmacies to ensure client’s needs are being met.

Available for periodic evaluation of care agencies and their services to ensure the plan of care is being followed.

Coordination of Care

Work with all agencies, physicians and pharmacy to ensure client’s needs are met.

Facility Overview and Assessment

Provide an overview of available facilities that will meet current and future needs of the client. If family is not local or unable to tour facility in person, Aging Options and Advocacy can go on their behalf and collect all necessary paperwork, documentation and get questions answered on behalf of the client.

Provide Respite

We can be an extra set of hands on a weekly basis or as needed to monitor the client when a caregiver needs to be away for work or travel.


Work on behalf of the client at all times. We will advocate that the services and care being provided are adequate and necessary. If appropriate, we will recommend the elimination of unnecessary services for cost containment.

What is the Cost?

Reach out for a Free phone consultation. Feel free to call us at (812) 727–0353 or send us a message through the form on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch.